Permanent Cathode Repair

Minor Repair

Cathode condition is critical for plant operations. Cathode condition affects copper quality, stripping machine performance and tankhouse efficiency.

A minor repair is performed on permanent cathodes that require surface cleaning and verticality correction. Permanent cathodes received for Minor Refurbishment are cleaned using our Robotic Wash System shown here. Using our trained staff and state-of-the art technology we can extend the productive life of your cathode.

Major Refurbishment

This level of refurbishment reclaims damaged cathodes to extend their useful life and improve their operating performance. Major repair work often eliminates the need for costly replacements by reclaiming severely damaged cathodes. Major Refurbishment can include the following :

  • Re-welding.
  • Header Bar Replacement.
    A) Replacement of Copper Clad Stainless Header Bars
    B) Replacement of Copper Clad Carbon Steel Header Bars
  • Stainless Steel Flattening. Manual repair is not always sufficient to recover sheets to acceptable verticality and stiffness. COBRA’s Mechanical Leveller flattens and work-hardens the steel to revive the sheet. COBRA was the first to implement this machine in Chile .
  • Stainless Steel Sheet Replacement (Body of the cathode). Replace all or part of a sheet that has undergone irrecoverable damage (pitting, deformation, scratches, etc)