Permanent Cathode Supply

COBRA operates the largest cathode manufacturing and refurbishment centre in the world. Unlike other cathode manufacturers, COBRA uses its experience from the cathode refurbishment service to develop and continuously improve its cathode design and manufacturing procedures.

COBRA offers two primary permanent cathode designs .

Standard Cathode Design . A stainless steel sheet is inserted into a milled groove ina solid copper bar. The bar is then welded to the stainless steel sheet. This cathode has a proven history of excellent electrical performance .

COBRA Stainless Steel Sheathed Design . Developed for tankhouses with a highly corrosive environment. The Sheathed Cathode features a stainless steel sheath that is placed over the bar to protect the copper weld. The sheath is welded to the sheet and at the ends it is mechanically sealed. This design maintains its electrical performance over the cathode life and is not subject to weld corrosion.

COBRA is capable of designing and manufacturing cathodes for your specific applications.

Titanium starter sheet cathodes are also available.

SCHEIBLER “EDGEWISE” edgestrips were introduced 25 years ago, and there are currently over 1.4 million in use. Although there are alternative designs and materials offered at a lower cost, their shorter effective lifetime, higher failure rate (which could result in a destroyed cathode with adhered copper) and the fact that they are more difficult to apply, results in a higher lifetime cost.

QUALITYCONTROL at COBRA is achieved through an established Quality Assurance Plan. COBRA has fabricated more than 400,000 cathodes for copper and other base metal producers worldwide and is an approved supplier to the largest copper producers in the world. Quality is assured by using modern quality assurance programmes and policies. Our unique code tracking system ensures that the unique code applied to each cathode creates a reliable manufacturing history.

Information available includes :

  1. Raw material heat numbers, box number, date of inspection etc .
  2. Raw material preparation date and operator .
  3. Welding date and wire heat number, name of welder and equipment, etc .
  4. Edgestrip heat & crate number and operator installation .
  5. Rack number, shipment number, container number .

EXPORT PACKAGING – New cathodes are delivered to the clients in custom made metal racks that have been sealed with plastic wrap. This packaging ensures that the cathodes can endure a normal voyage without risking damage to the cathodes.